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Note: Letters removed, demanded by WG Attorney

1. Letter of demand to Willem Grobler Attorney

Date: 29 Nov 2017
Letter asking for the deposit payment with interest: R350,621.91

2. Response from Willem Grobler Attorney

Date: 11 Dec 2017
1. Our client is disappointed in the state of affairs.
2. Our client does not dispute the R300,000.00 loan.
3. Willem Grobler claim it is a interest free loan. 
4. The parties agreed that the R300,000.00 would be paid by our client as and when our client is in a position to do so.
5. There would be no interest on the amount of R300,000.00
6. Client has tendered repayment at an amount of R1,000.00 per month, which amount will escalate with R500 every year.

3. Letter to Willem Grobler Attorneys

Date: 11 Dec 2017
1. The proposed offer to settle cited in paragraph 6 of your letter is hereby rejected.
2. R1K offer is deemed unreasonable.

4. JG Meeting with Adv.

5. Letter to Willem Attorneys

Date: 22 Jan 2018
1. Counter offer of R20,000.00 per month.

6. Letter from Willem Attorneys

Date: 25 Jan 2018
1. Your client is well aware that there would be no interest on this loan and therefor the contents of paragraph 2 of your letter is specifically rejected.
2. It is our instructions that your client has now registered a website in the name of our client with the sole purpose of defaming our client and damaging his reputation publically.
3. The actions as set out in paragraph 5 above, is completely unacceptable and we hereby formally request that your client remove the abovementioned website within 48hours of your receipt of this letter. 

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